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"Midway upon our life journey

... I found myself in a dark forest, where the true path had been lost."
-- Dante Alighieri, Inferno

We all find ourselves sometimes lost, stuck in repetitiveness, with no options, drive, or meaning for our lives. No matter how hard we try, we keep being impacted by people, events, family, work, and the environment around us. Yet, we wish we didn't have to suffer as a result and want to have more skillful ways to respond and relate.


"My Mind is like a bad neighborhood

...I try to not go there alone."
-- Anne Lamott

To find our way back to our core self and our inner sense of home, it helps to have a companion on our journey, who knows the terrain and how to navigate challenging parts. Since we are so used to our habits and ways of seeing and relating to the world, it is vital for us to discover what is not fully conscious, so we can develop new relationships with things that we struggle with or want to change. We get greatly empowered by having clarity, choices, and meanings we didn't grasp before.


"Start Close In,

...Start right now, take a small step you can call your own, don't follow someone else's heroics, be humble and focused, start close in, don't mistake that other for your own."
-- David Whyte, Start Close In

If you have reached a point where self-help books and motivational quotes do not inspire nor support you anymore, help is here. Please feel free to read more below on my background and what I provide, and please reach out for a free introduction.
Whether you choose to work together or not - please take the first step and talk to someone safe, so you don't have to struggle alone.


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